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Create units for ELL students in primary grades, using real literature and based in Comprehensible Input. Lessons build background knowledge to develop oral language and literacy and teach vocabulary, English structures, story structures.

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Students will be able to read, write, and communicate effectively through writing, literary analysis and critical thinking as they:

  • Explore concepts related to literature from many cultures and traditions, both fiction and nonfiction in a variety of genres, purposes and styles.
  • Demonstrate the foundations of composing and expression in writing with autobiographies, poetry and dramatic writings from a variety of informational text
  • Develop essential writing skills of style, sentence formation, usage/grammar, mechanics and spelling
  • Develop reading skills to read, interpret, analyze, discuss and evaluate a variety of texts, authors and genres
  • Explore and reflect on their learning through independent and group projects
  • Discuss the relationships between and among elements of literature including satire, irony, symbolism, plot

"Blended Learning" is an educational method that uses technology to provide flexibility of time, place or pace within a course or curriculum.