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respectively, Li Ning is down 5.8%, respectively, 65.20%. At present, Li Ning ideal asset-light design suffered serious inventory real pressure to bring the burden of capital chain. The company's 2011 year-end inventories increased by 200 million yuan over the same period last year, and will repurchase 300 million of inventory from the dealer. Former champion, how exactly? Strategic miscalculation since 1994, Li Ning, the company in a long time maintained a share of China's largest  air jordan 3 sporting goods market, the 2004 turnover of over one billion. However, its growth rate has been Nike and Adidas behind these two international big strong occupied Beijing,

Shanghai and other markets, while showing ambition Li Ning survival of second and third tier markets. Here,
as the representative of Jinjiang Anta grassroots enterprises to rapidly rise. Under the flank, the former gymnastics prince Li Ning has long experience to different markets and gymnastic competition: In the gymnastics competition of "someone else does not matter to you where to go, the most important thing is how you face the difficult"; "doing business, You always want to guess what other people move. "In fact, Li Ning is only half right, no matter what other people move and do their own thing most important market with a gymnastic competition at this point should be consistent and reflect the strategy is the ability to accumulate and persistent direction.

Li Ning is precisely the strategic choice erratic everywhere grab the opportunity, "Today, step, step tomorrow, so beat people. air jordan 6 " In the case in the end is still focused on the localization of international long-term strategic direction of ambiguity, Li Ning company three years ago had a huge strategic transformation. At that time, benefit from the Beijing Olympics marketing campaign, it showed a good upward momentum, domestic sales was more than Adidas, Li Ning, the company at this time but made a mistake in judgment,

Anyone in the world

too much emphasis on mental and physical benefits brought by Champion effect avoid bigger base, broader extension basketball, football, badminton, as the core. June 2010, the company's strategy is more aggressive, the target consumer groups to "90" (which, according to the survey that 50% of consumers aged 35-40 years old), the slogan changed to the "everything is possible" " to make a change,

"and decided to challenge the opponent's stronghold and European markets. It now appears that the rebranding is undoubtedly a flaw.  nike hypervenom phantom This is in contrast, after almost Olympic Li Ning Company also proposed to make an international sports brand, with many years of insistence, has been recognized by NBA and other top international competitions organized. Control misconduct Some commentators believe that Li Ning Company from the strange phenomenon, it is hard to believe that low-level error occurs in a completely "self-reliant" private listed companies who will think through time to a 1980 state-owned enterprises. According to Li Ning Zhang Zhiyong, CEO saying, "This continues to repair aircraft in flight aircraft encountered unprecedented challenges,

" does not belong to a variety of management chaos management style mild, moderate category. Extensive management. Marketing Manager Li Ning's first to the media after leaving Disclosure: nike mercurial vapor ix The company has its own internal growth is slowing down, "doing in terms of cost control and operational efficiency is not very good." Li Ning Company in 2011 despite declining revenues, but the overall costs, including distribution costs and administrative expenses, an increase. Li Ning himself admits, "I do not sensitive to the transaction and the costs." There is such a weakness, a strategic decision on the somewhat less emboldened; conversely refraction to the implementation level, will inevitably lead to extensive management.

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Everyone between departments is important that their own with no one clear idea coexist. For a long time, Li Ning, the company's sales department and product department lack of coordination mechanisms, each standing on their position look at the issue, all that he is the dominant sector - the former often determine whether the product will sell based on experience in sales, while the latter is nike mercurial superfly fg that their design is not a good product onto the market in a timely manner. However, all levels of management are very difficult, "according to their ability to assume responsibility, direct decision-making."

Recruits to their roles as "mouthpiece" - spend a lot of time sitting, unable to form spontaneous management ideas. Inadequate resources, resource sink coexist. Fragmentation of the front differentiation Li Ning's market investment, poor implementation adds to the operating costs, executives always feel a lack of people, resources and funding. However, in key areas, even though the "very low level people can manipulate a lot of resources," we can decide to get the rebate after the transaction. Just recently, a level not high brand department staff because kickbacks were internal investigation, until the company being sued. Similar wording soul current absence of strong competitors, Li Ning's leaders seem free in the strategic adjustment,

retire, withdraw, etc. In recent years, always lingering and Li Ning. Logically, the daily management of the company should be more conducive to fade thinking on strategic issues, and even "worth a stroll." In other words, Li Ning "retired" strategic choice is either confident or are tired strategic choice.   nike magista obra fg Although Li Ning said he "is not a standard merchant," but when companies do to a certain extent, it should "not waste his job," never give up on the strategy of the dominant, especially in the case of aggressive competitors, otherwise irresponsible. In Eastern culture,

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the implementation of the strategic significance has personality. Who presented the strategy in a dominant position, who is the soul of the implementation of the strategy; and soul of the company should become advocates strategies, which are two different things and good employer. Only when the strategy is determined, can only be good employer evaluation criteria. Li Ning, the company seems to the contrary, no real strategic issues until resolved, trying to "construct a powerful organization to lead, run the business," by people use it to solve strategic problems. Even if people use it should take responsibility for the strategic mistakes, but as long as the soul of the company did not come forward promptly corrected, or to bear the ultimate consequences.

And implementation of the strategy at this time seems to have lost its soul, the consequences are more dangerous than a strategic error. As a result, Li Ning Company to be surpassed or cramped opponent is not surprising. Li Ning's mild, free and easy to form a contrast, Zhang Zhiyong like sitting on a crater, adidas 11pro trx fg he admitted in a letter to the staff of the letter, the last two years has been trying to find a way to solve a series of problems in the short term, in Tactically keep trying, hoping to quickly improve, "but the results are hard to be optimistic." Adjust tactics, of course, can not solve strategic problems. ? Emulate General Li Ning determined prior year: Be sure to stop swinging between professional sports and sports fashion, focusing on sports; put resources back to the various sub-brand, focusing on the core brand Li Ning. However, the company last year, revenues, gross profit decreased facts seem to indicate that only take layoffs internally,

cut costs, and other initiatives play a ruthless role is not enough. Mergers and acquisitions should be an available option. adidas predator instinct fg Of course, in mergers and acquisitions in the Li Ning Company is also the possibility of mergers and acquisitions. If mergers and acquisitions can contribute to Li Ning retired completely, it seems difficult to Li Ning optimistic. Because he already this bottom line:. "Not because I ruined businesses, because businesses can not destroy me," Thomas Edison founded the Edison General Electric Company, in 1892 and Thomson - Houston Electric Company merged,

Anyone in the world

renamed "General Electric Company ", i.e., GE. Addison's name removed from the company name, but to create a brilliant career so far, its sales in the last four years has been in the world's top two. After leaving GE in Addison invention favorite cause in their lives. Select or for the Kam Ning Edison. cheap toms shoes Brand elements are used to distinguish and mark the brand's series of designs. Precise idea of ??brand elements and options can enhance the audience's awareness of the brand, and can contribute to a strong, positive brand association, which has great significance for the sustainable development of the brand, but also a brand can have persistent vegetative key. Brand name consumer brand first impression of the brand name is the first element constituted,

it tends to reflect the general core product, but also the consumers first hurdle brand association. Good brand name should be concise, product attributes, advantages for accurate positioning. Interesting and unique is to protect the brand name of universal communication, and creativity of the brand in the minds of consumers lasting occupy crucial. Lenovo from the development characteristics of the technology industry's view, the brand name summarizes the most essential needs of the industry a steady stream of imagination and creativity, is the industry's highly summarized,

but also provided the impetus for its development and direction. Enhance brand identity brand identity is the memory image of the brand name and entrepreneurship visual translation, making a suitable brand symbols or characters for the brand have a significant role in the promotion and dissemination. There are two forms of identification are often abstract graphics and text, toms shoes mens and most are used to identify the form of a combination of both, so that one can enhance the memory of brand name consumer through the text; Furthermore, consumers With a unique visual image modification brand, the brand for secondary memory. Cartoon image of a brand identity in the form of more frequent businesses to choose a class,