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Anyone in the world

Re-rankings nike air max 90 essential cheap system was introduced for the first time, this means that a player's performance that year would be more acceptable. Last year, members of the women's tour was first introduced in system also stipulated that even ranking enough, want to keep the whole card with at least the following year, a member is required to attend 4.


Race. women's toms shoes This year, the figure raised to 6 games. Executive Director of the women's tour when Li Hong in an interview, referring to the rule changes, associated with matches next year to 20 games. "If you continue to remain 4 games, then members.


Races toms shoes men's are only 20%, this is clearly too low. "She said," we have developed 6 also made reference to other tournaments, such as the ladies European tour. "The question now is whether a player is eligible to play 6 games? Currently schedule has been confirmed, only by women.