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-unidentified object near their house. Local police have cordoned off the cordoned off the area, and to carry out detailed surveys of the region to be sure. It is reported that up to now there is no news about the progress of the investigation. Paris had just lost in the League, and on Wednesday will be in France face an opponent in the Cup, while the team's striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic also face such troubles, whatever the final results, it would certainly have an impact on the player.  air jordan 6 retro uk Not afraid of thieves, was afraid thieves thinking about it! NetEase sports January 12: early this morning in the 18th round of the Serie a, Juventus beat Napoli away 3-1, on a 3-point advantage continued in Serie a standings lead. But the Juventus striker's poor performance the competition, Carlos, Llorente, Morata which three strikers in the game there was only 1 shots, and not within the scope of the

goal. Italian media revealed that Juve are considering progressive introduction of striker during the winter months, and Mario Balotelli is their next target. Of the Mediaset: Juve are interested in winter rental BA God according to the MediasetReported this is Mario Balotelli's agent MINO Raiola to come to Juventus recommend bus God, Mino Raiola as European football's biggest broker, owns a number of top stars, including Juventus midfielder pogba. In order to retain long pogba, Juventus, air jordan 4 retro uk will carefully consider MINO Raiola's proposal. Media also pointed out that Juve are currently does need a striker this season only Tevez is still in a good state, but Llorente, Morata is poor, which makes Juve's main strike partner could not be determined. Besides Coleman and Sebastian Giovinco is even more difficult to take on heavy responsibilities. He suffered in the bottom in the

Premier League this season, Liverpool last summer when he was introduced to them as Suarez's replacement, but the first half of the season the past God had not scored for Liverpool in the Premier League. In the current round of Premier League football until the 67 minutes off the bench, but he slipped and missed a single opportunity, is Liverpool manager Rogers on his confidence dropped. Think of the football market, Liverpool has now agreed to let Mario Balotelli during the winter to leave Juve can BA God half a season-long loan, set both buyout fee of 18 million euros. And Liverpool are even willing to pay for next Pakistan being part of the salary, which further reduce Ewing introduced BA God overhead. 《mediasetPoints out that, in order to achieve good results in the second half of the season three campaign, Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri has requested