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doubt. In the backline, Figo selected four respectively, David alaba, Godin, Ramos and Rahm, this choice is reasonable. David alaba is one of the best left-backs, RAM helped Germany to World Cup titles, Godin is Atletico dominated the key players in La Liga, Ramos helped Real Madrid won four trophies. Three people chosen by Luis Figo in midfield and neymar, Robben and Kroos and respectively, Robben helped Netherlands won the World Cup a third, while helping Bayern get double,  air jordan 3 retro uk  Krause was Germany team to win the World Cup the absolute hero, the player currently is Brazil leader, while Barcelona play is getting better. Up front, Luis Figo chose three people namely, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and three people who are the most lethal strikers in the game, they joined hands tridents will be powerful. Attached Philippine Al Gore elected

of annual best lineup: best lineup (4-3-3): Neuer (Bayern); David alaba (Bayern), and Godin (Atletico), and Ramos (Real Madrid), and RAM (Bayern); Robben (Bayern), and cross (Real Madrid), and neymar (Barcelona); Ronaldo (Real Madrid), and Messi (Barcelona), and Ibrahimovic (Paris) NetEase sports January 12 reported: near segment time, France domestic repeatedly appeared terrorist air jordan 1 retro uk attacks, this let European all national of people are panic. According to the United Kingdom media 101greatgoalsNews of recently Sweden near Ibrahimovic's home, police found some grenades, explosives, local police have cordoned off the area for investigation, final survey results to date has not been announced. Of the 101greatgoals: Ibrahimovic Sweden neighborhood were closed recently, France become the focus of terrorist attacks on the country. According to media reports,

terrorism has started, terrorist attacks do not occur only in an isolated area, and France, and Germany, and Sweden and other countries will become a prime target for the terrorists. Sweden although the Nordic country had little influence in the international community, and adhering to the diversified culture, but in recent years due to the sharp increase in the domestic strength of far-right political party, leading domestic xenophobia, especially for the exclusion of Islamists is increasing, and it also led Sweden suffered a terrorist attack in 2010. France's terror attack was the beginning of terrorist violence, Sweden also strengthens prevention of terrorism at home. According to the 101greatgoalsDisclosure, played for Paris Saint-Germain star Ibrahimovic, one of the goals is likely to be a terrorist organization, recently, Sweden Malm?, Ibrahimovic, police found several grenade