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the criminal investigator 3,507 weapons arsenal Stoke 3:0 Rob containment containment January 11, 2015 what is it? estimated that many fans may not know that after 90, because 20 years ago, Xu genbao guide borrowed from Europe, South America, Africa, Antarctica, major technical and tactical team summed up the grab containment tactics when a lot of people are still very small. Xu guide career nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk  contributed a lot, Rob containment breach. Call Rob containment, is equivalent to complete basketball forward press on the football field, or telling jokes when people drink, he chokes on probability and is proportional to the quality of the jokes. When Shanghai Shenhua is fighting force surrounded them in the a-League champions, and the leader, not belong to six trophies Barca. Look at arsenal at the Emirates Stadium last night grab Stoke City overwhelmed, immediately in

front of me wise guidance of Xu's stature has emerged. Contrast between this game and the last defeat to Southampton and arsenal last time I said "most people go to attack, looking at defensive stand will earn the money", but this time, snapped up front was clearly floored his opponent arsenal is expected. Both sides of the ball than was 52:48 at the end of the first half, numbers differ, but seen from the score and arsenal occupy an overwhelming advantage, the only reasonable interpretation is that theArsenal Stoke City with a personal closing game became a nike mid blazer womens struggle to cope with invalid ball opponents more time dodging rather than attack. Kekuilin lower back one Ospina saunters along in front, not arsenal's defense impregnable, but Stoke's attack is fully suppressed by arsenal. Crouch once long-distance strikes in the first half, arsenal three defenders can safely carry

out encirclement, Peter Crouch after discovering no one followed up barely a shot, the scene illustrates the problem. Rob force surrounding the most immediate effect is to disrupt the opponent's rhythm, increases opponent's mistake, you will be able to strike back at the first time. In the modern game, speed is essential to fight back, because in the counterattack of the moment, opponents in transition are likely to step in the process, resulting in a fatal flaw. In fact Rob forced Tang is the originator of enlightenment of Liu Zongyuan's, he has an article called the donkey of Guizhou, says is a tiger harassment of a donkey, donkey mad, kicked the Tigers a foot, Tiger is happy, it gets it, then "cut-throat, do their meat." Liu tells us two reasons: first, constantly harassing the opponent can lose their control; the second, never harassed more than their great rivals. Therefore,