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Torres not only for team-mate outgoing threats he could score balls, like Torres, who doesn't love that? Because has Torres, and Manor, and this Tian Guiyou, and we can not suspected Milan of scored rate, but because no has when pedicle Asia Al Gore · Silva and NESTA, we has no longer believes Milan of solid degrees, four field serie a League lost eight ball, with Sassuolo likes of defensive level almost has, long of League Milan defense will experience more big of test, if not timely improved, he will often pour in one beautiful of game among. Nerazzurri in Serie a in recent years as the real victims, Atlanta had 4 consecutive season maintained inter's unbeaten record, this small when the Nerazzurri in the face of big brother, always have a stunning play. New season when inter meet again in Atlanta,
Even occupying the home advantage and strength of the team, but many inter fans still worry for the team, after all, in recent years against scores out there, the Nerazzurri want to remain unbeaten this seaso adidas toe touch n Golden, difficult indeed not small. But this time, inter's lieutenants didn't let supporters down, their   adidas springblade   bloodless 2 goals at home against Atalanta, after 4 seasons later, beat his opponent in Serie a on again, continuing the momentum the team well for the new season. I believe that through this game, Walter mazzarri's team morale
There will be further enhanced, in order to lay the Foundation to get good grades on the teams in Serie a. Throughout the game, inter was able to hold the game's initiative in their own hands, the performance of the team on both ends of the floor. Even encounter penalty put the repeated refusal of the door frame, Nerazzurri soldiers still maintain a good attitude on the pitch, methodical offense and defense, will be our strength