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, More has is one high yield of striker, in two thousand twelve-two thousand thirteenths season effectiveness Rome Shi, he single season played 29 field game scored 16 ball, efficiency amazing, Shang season he in premier acclimatized, and and team within of big guy Wundt broke contradictions, so only was door, and for inter for is picked up has a big cheap, this season blue black Regiment is to free loan of form get has Osvaldo, and season late has 7 million euro of priority buyout right, this can said absolute is a cabbage price, You know Mr Osvaldo's 20 million, Southampton
Rome buy Osvaldo prices reach 17 million euros, and Osvaldo was on loan at Juventus last season, buyout price is up to 18 million euros, so I have to say that Inter Milan, this time in the Premier League, picked up a large baby, by virtue of doing so well at the end of the season Inter Milan are set to buy out Osvaldo. Inter 2-0 win over Atlanta. For aiernaneisi, he finally scored with a proven themselves, and before that almost all criticisms of alignment this Brazil internationals, while Mazar was still very confidence, this trust pays off. Aiernaneisi prices at the winter transfer season for 17 million euros to join Inter Milan, but after the first half of the seasonadidas energy boost 2 
Find new favorite Kovacic has become 20 years old. Giuseppe bergomi said: "almost everyone is talking about Kovacic now, but he still needs time to hone in midfield we need players with more experience aiernaneisi, La Forest. "Now in Mazar's 3-5-2 system, and midfield Maedl Kovacic stability holds 3 people 2 starting posit adidas y-3    ion, and aiernaneisi need to share playing time with the GUA Lin, Mazar GUA Lin was selected in the starting of this game. But opportunities are always for those those who are prepared, though did not substitute until after 66 minutes in the second half, but aiernaneisi is also the color of play. After 87 minutes, Osvaldo made the edge of the area struck free kick, aiernaneisi stood in front of the ball shot, the ball like a loaded shells into the top-right