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by qweibi qweibi - Thursday, 5 February 2015, 8:16 PM
Anyone in the world


。 To be honest, although Rooney or not van Persie captain, two people will be offended, but van Gaal must do, is they are doing what they do best, that is on the field siege Zhai, rather they are not good at: controlling the overall situation and regulatory atmosphere in the dressing room on the Court. Louis van Gaal, a sad situation is that Manchester United captain seemed convincing enough. Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand [Twitter] is gone, Patrice Evra is also gone, arsenal recently rumored [Twitter] [Twitter] Defender Thomas Vermaelen, if
AU is a potential answer. And if Fletcher to stay healthy, and also is a strong contender. But Manchester United must hope that their team are arch-rivals Manchester City [Twitter] [Twitter] Captain Vincent Kompany [Twitter] leader, the real Captain really is the Kompany that looks like, and leaders Manchester United now appears to be missing. In the just-ended in the Youth Cup final in Manchester, Manchester United Youth team clash with Manchester city youth team. Foursome with Manchester United youngster James Wilson, 4-1 win over Manchester City Manchester United hopeful
Their city rivals. Wilson in his Premier League   adidas js wings 2.0    debut last season to complete a brace, to the outside world was shocked he is seen is once again among the Manchester United first team after the gunuzhayi of young talent is expected along the path of senior people such as David Beckham, Paul Scholes to become football stars. However, van Gaal may consider Wils adidas originals on in the new season on loan at championship or League one teams accumulate experience. Defeated Patrick Vieira led by Manchester City, United's 28th win of new season coming up next week, breaks ground in the Premier League, with Chelsea, arsenal and Manchester City complete the transfer signings compared to United's pace seems a bit backward, van Gaal back foreign aid issues of concern to