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by Lena Martins - Tuesday, 15 November 2016, 12:17 PM
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Period Cup - Simply Awesome! Menstrual Cups

If you, like me, are reading trusted menstrual cups reviews thinking "Wow, I cannot imagine using one of these period cups. Kinda gross. But still interesting!" keep reading...

I had heard about menstrual cups before, but wrote them off because ew, who wants to be that up close and personal with your monthly period ick? But after spending a ton of money on tampons (and sometimes pads) each time my terrible, horrible period came about... the menstrual cup started to look better and better to me.
WHY did i not buy this simply Awesome period cup sooner?!?!
I live in Canada and was skeptical and contemplated this luna menstrual cup for years.
I thought menstrual cups would take some getting used to, but its been easy and far more comfortable than a tampon.
I will recommend this awesome, trusted menstrual cup to all my girl friends here in Canada nd the USA, and family. I have purchased two one for me and one for my sister and we both love them.
Awesome and Better for your period, the environment, better for your body, save you money in the long run.
You only need to change these menstrual cups twice a day which is simply awesome.
Love the Luna period cups!

Disclaimer: Exceptional and awesome period cups, bar none, I'm a mom of one and I have PCOS. So I wasn't nervous about the size of a menstrual cup or discomfort inserting, because really, I'd popped a baby out so how bad could it be, right? And also, my periods are really insanely bad. Like... for a couple of days I would bleed through super jumbo tampons and those super thick good night pads. Ahem.

I was not keen on the idea of sticking my fingers up so far on my period. I don't know why, but I've always found this too disconcerting. Some women check their cervix softness and stuff and I always cringe when I read about it. NO, I do NOT think there's anything wrong with the female body or what it does and YES I encourage everyone to be comfortable in his or her own skin! But, for me, for whatever reason, there has always been that underlying ick factor. I like to be a little removed from it. So I was nervous.

The first time I did a "dry run" I definitely felt the slight panic mode when I tried to get it out. I forgot the whole "bear down" piece of the puzzle but I still managed to get it out after a slight struggle. The second and third time I tried, the bearing down made all the difference. I would locate the stem, bear down, press one side in (and you can definitely hear/kinda feel the pop of the seal releasing) and carefully pull it down and out.

THE PERIOD CUP IS AMAZING. I have not gotten the Period From H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS quite yet, but it's coming. (Induced.) But already I find menstrual cups to be way more convenient and much, much MUCH more comfortable than tampons all day or pads slipping and sliding in my undies after awhile. It is pricier up front but I honestly was spending big bucks each month going through multiple boxes of tampons and such anyway, so it will more than make up for the price.

So, period cup learning curves:

1. Obviously menstrual cups insertion and removal, but watch some youtube videos of women showing you the folds and you'll be fine. AND REMEMBER TO BEAR DOWN.

2. Getting comfortable with yourself if you're not already.

3. Remembering that (if you want to) you'll need to bring some water in with you to a public restroom. I work from home so this isn't really an issue for me.

4. These awesome period cups will have you reveling in the sweet, sweet bliss of knowing you won't have tampon funk or pain going on, you won't have to leave any embarrassing packages in your friends' bathroom trash cans, and you'll be saving cash and the environment.

I encourage menstrual cup doubters to try luna period cups -- they are seriously the most Awesome thing ever. And no, I was not compensated for this menstrual cup review. Just hoping to reach someone who, like me, was kinda turned off to the idea but still curious. Try the luna period cup!
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