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by spencer hastin - Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 2:32 AM
Anyone in the world
My Father My father is a teacher. newport cigarettes He has a nickname at home, who is called ��smoker��, because of his special love to smoke Newport cigarettes. When he sat on the sofa to smoke, smoke, put us in the smoke like like smoke. I covered my nose and said, ��Dad, don't smoke.�� Dad seems not to hear, he continue to smoke, like a living immortal, I do not speak for a while with mad. My father usually marlboro cigarettes have nothing to do when they like to watch TV while smoking, my mother also often suggest him to quit smoking, but fail. My father is a chain smoker. Once, the world was the downpour, Dad took out an umbrella, so his out of cigarettes and smoking up again. He bought regardless of changing clothes, pleased with his left hand holding a Newport cigarette, the right hand took out a lighter, a little and relish to smoke. The next day, my mother found dad cigarette case only a few, break into a furious rage, asked him: ��how a Newport cigarette box only so few?�� Dad to find an excuse to say: ��please others pumping, so a lot less.�� My mother was very angry at my father smoking too much. In our protests, Dad said: ��I promise I will no longer smoke.�� We are overjoyed. Asked: ��really?�� Dad said, ��of course it's true.�� But a few days, while we do not pay attention to the smoke up again. I cried: ��you do not say that you do not smoke? How do you say you don't count?�� Dad said: ��one more thing, this time!��I said, ��no, you quickly put the cigarette out.�� Then, spoiled into his arms. Father does not have method, sighed, close your eyes, ruthlessly jerked a mouth, just love to put out the cigarette, reluctant to lose. Hey! Although my dad still cannot quit smoking, but I still love him so much. Although he couldn't understand why he was always smoking, he might be able to let him release the pressure. My father often have Marlboro Gold Cigarettes to go out to work to feed a family of four people, to earn money to support their families really not easy, pressure is particularly great, sometimes no place to vent the temper will be particularly large, so he choose to smoke cigarettes online cigarettes to obtain relief, my mother and I advised for a long time, have no way to let him not to smoke. As a father, I know that his pressure is too great, I hope my father will be healthy at the same time, but also hope that Dad can release their pressure. I love my father very much!