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The Monologue of Marlboro cigarettes There are so many people around the world in smoking every day, do you know what the Marlboro cigarettes are like?Do you understand cheap Marlboro cigarettes? Let's take a look at the monologue of the cigarettes. Hello everyone, my name is Marlboro cigarette,I do not have convex body,but many people see me, and cannot hold themselves, and even destroyed some of the families,also harm others lost their lives, I'm here to apologize,I really wrong, but please do not scold me, that is not my intention to seduce them, they haunt me and hold me all day long, in varying degrees, are subject to a wide range of support and love.My tar is 12mg, lit me have more than 3800 kinds of known chemical substances, they enjoy me while I began to endanger their health. I have a nicotine killer, not only so that they can not do without me, can invade their stomach, lung, trachea, nervous system, can kill a man with 40 mg. Of course, I have a trick is carbon monoxide, when they inhale more of my time, I will be with hemoglobin to form a large number of carbon-hemoglobin, and oxyhemoglobin greatly reduced, resulting in hypoxic tissues and organs, and thus the brain, heart and other organs from damage.In addition, I have a cigarette tar and benzopyrene, this is I let them carcinogenic weapons. Tobacco tar can be attached to their tracheal, bronchial and alveolar surface produce physical and chemical stimulation and damage to the body's respiratory function. Benzopyrene will make newport cigarettes their incidence of lung cancer increased by 5% -15%. If a family has a person like me, then this one of the men and women must suffer. Which family like me,women suffering from lung cancer was significantly higher than non-smoking wholesale Newport Cigarettes,also affect children's development, but also susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia and other diseases. Especially families with babies, if someone in the indoor smoking Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, nicotine and other harmful substances can easily enter the brain, over time, can affect a child's brain development. Please help me: I have repeatedly reminded the man, I hope they all stay away from me, do not appear on my side, I was not so evil, I just want everyone to be healthy. Now we recognize what kind of Marlboro cigarettes, then such a cigarette, will you still like it? If there is no discount Marlboro gold cigarettes, you will save money and experience will be better, reduce Newport 100s Cigarettes the chances of lung cancer, reduce the risk of birth of mentally retarded children, the teeth will not be so yellow, it looks more elegant, the nervous system is relatively healthy.Has been to 2016, I believe that a lot of people will quit smoking as an important task in the new year's goals. So, we must adhere to! Hold again! Start by reducing the amount of smoke, for an early cessation of success!Stay away from cigarettes, happy life, this is my new year wishes!MX20160303